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4. How Can I reduce My Reliance On Debt?

There’s a joke that goes something like this – “If at first you don’t succeed file for bankruptcy and transfer all your assets into your spouses name.” Brought a smile to my face but lets face it bankruptcy is no smiling matter. Many of us live perilously close to bankruptcy but have become conditioned to living beyond our means and often borrow to make up the difference.

Women often earn less than men but live longer which makes it difficult to save sufficient funds for a comfortable retirement. Consequently it’s generally accepted that woman should contribute more into superannuation to achieve the same standard of retirement benefits as men. It is important for single and married women to plan for their retirement. Unforeseen events mean that women should plan independently for their old age instead of relying on someone else

The choices you make are responsible for every one of your life’s experiences. You are responsible for your life, whether you are sad, happy, rich or poor. Ask yourself right now what is the absolute best thing I could do with my finances. The best thing I could do this year, this week, this day. Think about it and remember that your financial security is your choice so if you want a life free of unnecessary debt, then choose it by starting your personal budget immediately

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